Halloween frame freebieThis freebie Halloween frame was designed with elements from our Something Wicked Halloween kit, so it extends the number of frames in the kit to three.

To download the frame, just click on the image and then right-click (for PC users) or control-click (for Mac users) to save the image to your hard drive. Or, in some operating systems there will be a download box that appears when you click on the image.

I hope you have fun using this Halloween frame. I put my favorite spaceman in mine; hence the photo of my orange-jumpsuited nephew in the photo above. He’s obsessed with all things space-related, so it was only natural that he would dress up as an astronaut last Halloween. I love the fact that he’s wearing sandals with his elaborate space suit. We live in Florida where it’s often still hot outside on Halloween, so I guess that gives spacemen a little latitude with their footwear!

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