Clip Art License




With this license you may do the following with images from

* use these images to create e-cards to send to individuals or a non-commercial list;

* incorporate any of the images into craft projects, either for your own use or for sale, as long as no more than 10 images are used and no more than 999 products are produced;

* print the images to use as personal greeting cards;

* incorporate up to 10 images in newsletters or other print pieces;

* use up to 15 low resolution images (you must reduce them so they aren’t at their original size) as clip art on any given page of a commercial or non-commercial site, blog, forum or discussion group as long as this link (or one with similar wording) is somewhere nearby to each image or group of images: Image(s) courtesy

Please note that linking the image itself DOES NOT count; it must be a text link. Please download the image to your hard drive and then upload it to your site or blog; don’t use the image URL to post the image.

Photo sharing sites like Photobucket and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have different rules as described in the “You may not” section below.

You may not:

* sell these images outright;

* incorporate them as-is into scrapbook kits (they must be altered in some way;

* incorporate the altered images referred to in the previous line into commercial use or scrap-for-hire scrapbook images (they must be clearly marked for personal use only);

* form them into a similar collection and give them away; post them to Photobucket, Flickr or any other image sharing sites, unless this link is somewhere near EACH image: Image courtesy;

* post them to MySpace, Facebook or any other social networking site, unless this link is somewhere near EACH image: Image courtesy;

* produce 999 or more of any product that features the images without paying an additional royalty fee. Please contact me using the e-mail address below for a quote.

Please feel free to contact Carla Chadwick at Carla [@] B2BContentSolutions [.com] if you have any questions or special requests.


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